MySpace sucking harder

MySpace logoMySpace sucks. It's a viral social community, totally useless, that the have only two good aspects: it's userbase (it's just the most used social network) and it's music section, that, while turining MySpace into "a social network with one useful feature, and one that most other social networks do not have", sucks compared with services like PureVolume. But the user base in Web 2.0 applications is crucial and marks a difference, so MySpace is it regarding Social Networks. But it's commonly accepted that their code sucks and that they have several flaws, including security ones.

So, they did a move, that Joe Auricchio summarises as:

1. There is a flash worm spreading across MySpace. It spreads itself to users’ profile pages, by using several absolutely bone-headed security flaws with MySpace. It also directs users to an external page they may not have necessarily wanted to go to.

2. MySpace does not fix their own security problems.

3. MySpace gets Adobe to add a feature to prevent users from being directed to external pages. This, incidentally, destroys the functionality of a great many non-malicious Flash widgets users have already placed.

Good job, MySpace. You patched the symptoms and not the cause. God forbid you should actually, you know, rewrite some of your own crappy code now and then. Meanwhile you’ve pissed off a lot of innocent users.

As a matter of fact, when you go to your MySpace account, you read:

hey folks - we are moving myspace music players and video players to flash 9.0. flash 9 has security fixes so that people can't mess with you on myspace. if your 'about me' got screwed up this weekend, you could have been safe if you had flash 9 installed. here's an easy way to install it, go watch this dashboard video i posted last week. if you don't like dashboard, just watch any video in our video section, and you'll be prompted to install flash 9.

Now, wait a moment: they are recommending people to avoid their security fixes by updating a third party plugin? And that third party is Flash 9, still in beta for Mac OS X, inexistent for Linux, and that will never exist in any other OS but those three? Way to go, assholes... When myspace music players change to Flash 9 I'll just stop being a user of MySpace, since I'm a Linux user... MySpace: fuck you.

If you're also pissed off by this, consider knowing some alternatives. If you want to read more about this, you may want to start by reading Techcrunch's view on the issue.