OS Wars

Most people seems to think that just because I really like Linux and I really like Windows, that I like OS Wars or even discuss about that issues. That's wrong - I'm totally uninterested in such wars and I'm bored every time I have to argue about that kind of stuff. But, since it seems that it is unavoidable to have that kind of conversations, please let me just say something.

The Insult

I really like Linux, and my Linux distribution of choice is Debian. Although nothing is perfect, so there's some stuff on Debian I don't like. For instance I don't like their packaged kernel versions. So, I just (because I have the freedom to) grab a stock kernel and compile the kernel I like myself. Now, as I think I should use Linux because it's the Operating System I like the most, I think that if you prefer Windows you should use Windows. But please, don't mess with it's concepts. While in Linux you're able to change (by design) every aspect of the Operating System, in Windows you don't. One particularity of Windows that people try to forget about it that you have to pay for Windows to use it. So, if you want to use Windows, at least take the consequences about it and pay for it. If you don't want to pay to have an Operating System, then use a free (as in beer) one: it doesn't have to be Linux, there are others. But PLEASE, don't try to argue about OS's if you're a Windows user and you have an illegal copy of it - you're insulting me, Microsoft and yourself.


I really believe that Linux has more usabillity than Windows. I know it is arguable by concept - usabillity is all about user experience and each user is a user. Yet, if you want to argue about usabillity, please think that in an argue you have several different points of view that must be presented in order to the discussion follow its path. You cannot argue with me saying that "no way, Windows is more usable than Linux because [insert here your prespectives about the issue]" and then try to not hear, ignore or even not letting me say why I think you're wrong. Probably I didn't want to anyway, and probably it was you who raised the issue.

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