"Perl Best Practices" in Lisbon - Portugal

Perl Best Practices

with Damian Conway

log, a Portuguese company, announced "Perl Best Practices" with Australian Damian Conway, the author of “Object Oriented Perl” and “Perl Best Practices“. The event will be on the 12nd and 13rd of September in Lisbon.


Code Layout, Naming Conventions, Values and Expressions, Variables, Control Structures, Documentation, Built-in Functions, Subroutines, I/O, References … and more.


It will be in Lisbon - Portugal. More info yet to be released.


Only 36 people can go, and from those only up to 6 can have the "student discount".


You have to pay ;-) If you subscribe until the 20th of August, the price is 480 €. After that, the price rises to 750 €.
If you're a full-time student without any kind of incoming, you can go to one of the 6 slots available for students, and the price goes down to only 120 €.