Rambam arrested on HOPE

Steven Rambam
So, Steven Rambam (from Pallorium) was arrested on HOPE right before giving his speach. Nobody seems to know what the hell happened to him, and I'm quite suprprised that the 2600 folks (or at least Emmanuel Goldstein) didn't say nothing about it, at least yet. Maybe their knowledge about the arrest is as much as ours? Seems that the trial is going to be today, so let's see what's up...

Rambam is known as being a good "information digger", that's what he does for a living and that's what he was going to talk about: he dug up in just 4.5 hours of searching private and public databases more than 500 pages worth of data (including that someone else in Alabama who was using his Social Security number since 1983) on HOPE attendee Rick Dakan, who agreed to be the guinea pig for the project, starting with just knowing his name and e-mail address.