Back to business

As you might imagine, I'm preety busy being back to work after 3 weeks of vacations. Yet, since there are some things I have to tell you, I'll just use the silly-tag-stuff to tell them to you:

Trace "blog-tagged" me, which means I have to do the silly chain-blog-spamming thingie. Or, in other words, "the tagged person writes six things about himself, and tags six other people to do the same". So here it is:

  • My vacations were awsome!
  • BarCamp Portugal was awsome, my presentation went quite well, if I take into consideration that the theme wasn't that interesting for almost all of the barcampers there. The picture in the end of this post was taken there, on my presentation.
  • I'm preety pissed off: my laptop's (and only personal computer) hard disk is DEAD. No possible fix. So, besides being pissed off, I'm starting to ponder wether I buy another laptop (I have the excuse now) or just another hard disk. But I'll need some time to see what ASUS has to offer this days...
  • I know the best blonde joke ever
  • This blog was once infected by a worm
  • I'm just making this post now so that I can do a post on my musical project blog that will link here

About those six guys I want to tag with this...
  • Trace is being officially tagged: I'm doing this to see if he now acomplishes the rule and chooses six people to tag on, not only two!
  • Nuno Nunes is tagged. I'm doing this since I know he is a reader of this blog, and his blog is feeded on P*. I'm kinda curious to see the reaction of the guys on P* to this kind of "spam", specially if the thing sticks inside P* people (they tagging themselves)
  • JCP is tagged (you know who you are). This is just to try to make you start blogging ;-)
  • cha0s is tagged (you know who you are). This is just to try to make you start blogging ;-)
  • Lua is tagged (you know who you are). This is just to try to make you re-start blogging, your blog disappeared!
  • Finally, hmmm.... let me think... Well, Neil Stephenson! ;-D It would be AWSOME to know that someone like him read things like what I write... (yeah, right!)

Well, end of stupid blog post, back to work.
Mind Booster Noori on BarCamp Portugal