Life, the Universe and Everything

Damian Conway in Portugal
So, yesterday I went to Damian Conway's fabulous talk Life, the Universe and Everything. What really surprised me is that he really talked about Life, the Universe and Everything else, and used all that to give us some sugar on Perl 6... He started with the Game of Life and applied the second thermodynamics law on it, to prove Maxwel's deamon wrong... all in Klingon Perl! Is he crazy or what? ;-)

So, what now? Well, I don't think I'm going to be able to attend to any other of these things this year, but for you I have some suggestions of great stuff that is still going to happen this year:

Shift (28, 29 September, Lisbon, Portugal) will be all about emerging technologies, whether they’re the latest internet trend or the latest social or psychological development. SHiFT will evolve around five major areas, and the idea is to have contributions about them from all sections of society:
  • People and Technology
  • Knowledge Management
  • Civic Participation
  • Rights, Liberties and Privacy for the Digital Age
  • New forms of Economics

XTech WebDev (31 October, London, UK) is a one-day training event designed to bring web developers up to speed with the latest advances and best practice in web development. Covering topics from application design down to technologies such as REST and Ruby on Rails, it's ideal for development teams wanting a quick heads-up on recent web technology.