meme: top ten UNIX shell commands

So, it seems that there's already another meme flooding the blogsphere, and who am I to break the chain?

This are my most used shell commands in my work station:

[marado@noori ~]$ history | awk '{print $2}' | awk 'BEGIN {FS="|"} {print $1}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -10
144 mplayer
81 ll
81 cd
67 fg
61 perl
58 mv
49 vi
41 ssh
35 wget
33 ls
[marado@noori ~]$

Some notes on this:
  • I was surprised with mplayer being the first command. Yet, that's justifiable if you take in consideration that I use mplayer as my music player whenever I'm playing stuff I have on my hard disk (not that frequent since I spend my work time listening to Pandora, tho), as my podcast player (twice a week, since I only listen to two weekly podcasts) and to listen to online radio (when the Flash player stops spitting sound and I don't want to restart the browser (there are so many tabs!).
  • ll and ls should be aggregated as one, and its use is obvious.
  • fg should be aggregated in vi, since I almost never :q my vim instances, but, instead, put them in background...
  • perl is quite obvious, since I work coding with it. While I don't code in this machine (I ssh to some boxes where I code remotely) I write some scripts and similar stuff here.
  • Finaly wget. 10 are .zip's, 6 are .pdf's, 13 are mp3. .zip's, .pdf's and others are all because everything people link me to and that I get to read later is wget'd. That include .pdf's, .zip's, .pps's and such. The downloaded mp3's are all from a netlabel called tlhotra.