Saving the audio out of a video stream

So, you really want to get the audio from that video stream you see in that website, but you don't know how? I know that it can be usefull, when, for instance, the stream is from an interview and you can't hear well what they're saying even your your volume maxed up. So, the easy way to do that is just:

  • Grab the url of the stream http:// or mms:// or anything - it doesn't really matter);
  • mplayer mms://blabla.com/whatever.wmv -ao pcm:file=output.wav
  • Now you have output.wav, just process it to fill your needs!

You should look up to -vc dummy -vo null if you don't want to see the video as the audio is being recorded. It will go fast, also.

Take in consideration that mplayer runs in lot's of Operating Systems: it's not a "Linux thing" only... You can run in on your favourite BSD flavor, Mac OS, Windows or even in your XBox. So don't be shy and give it a try.

This post was kindly bringed up to you by the "RTFM before begging me to tell you how to do" team.

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