Against my expectations, I got an internet connection here in Coimbra, so here's a small update on my vacations.
I missed the : Of The Wand and The Moon : gig, but I went to the AEnima's one. The sound set up was really bad (thumbs down to Santiago Alquimista for that), and since Norwan's concert wasn't exactly good I had to suffer a great while until the AEnima gig started. And - wow - what a great concert! The sound was bad, and they need to get more stage experience, but boy they have great music! Forget what they've done in the past - this guys remind be The Third and The Mortal in their first works, and that's nothing but awesome! That's one CD I'm looking forward for its release.
And then I came to Coimbra. On the train I spent some time around pytalker and a new version is ready to be released. I could do it now, but - hey - I'm on vacations. Arrived at time for dinner, and then went to talk with a couple of friends. There were two or three themes of discussion that I liked to discuss, and that later I'll have to further explore.
Now, time to sleep... I'm not too certain if I'm really heading from here to Lamego after all, or if I still go and spend one night on an even colder place: João Durão. Let's see what happens.

It's great to be on vacations.

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