Calm down, DRM boy!

Many news sources are claiming that EMI is starting to retreat from their position regarding DRM technologies, just because Yahoo Music is selling the latest single from piano-playing songstress Norah Jones, along with a pair of tracks from Christian rockers Reliant K, in the MP3 format. They claim it's EMI's intention to experiment selling those songs without DRM, but I can't see how can anyone conclude that for themselves. I only see there a deal simmilar to others they're making to market their products: take for instance the deal they've made with Last.fm: they clearly state that they're doing this to get more revenue, and Last.fm is getting more content: a win-win sittuation. In the same pace, I can only relate the "mp3's on Yahoo!" case related to this new deal they've made with Yahoo! Music, that lets Yahoo! Music broadcast for free (with ads) EMI videos - and I'm quite sure a big share of the revenue goes to EMI.

In conclusion, there's nothing here, in this latest actions, to criticize EMI: they're just doing their job. But there's also nothing here indicating that they're turning their backs to DRM technologies (that would be awsome), so please stop the hype about it.

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