Busy times

Hi there...

As you might have noticed with the lack of blog posts, and with the fact that the last ones were only sets of links, I'm really busy (and tired) lately.

I'm thinking about buying a house in Lisbon, so every second of free time is being spent in that search. Infrutiferous, until now, Lisbon is way to expensive, sellers try to decieve buyers, and the only possibilities so far is the "house I can't afford nr.33" and the "older than my granny, bad located" one. Which is a nice way to say that I still found no good possibilities.

I also found out that my laptop's sound card suck terribly. Only five months after having it, monday I noticed that there's a lot of useful stuff I could do with my "Built-in AC’97 compliant audio chip" on my Asus M3N that I can't do with my "HP Premier SoundTM 16 bit sound" on my "HP Compaq nc6220". Bah to HP. I might set up a new hard drive on my onld laptop, just to use its sound card to do some stuff for my musical project...

Changes at work. While still being at Sonaecom IT, on the ISP area, I'm not a coder anymore, to be a services architect. I thought that this "switching period" would be hard, finishing loose strings in the previous position and starting with the new stuff, but the everything is being cool. I think this is great, and if I already liked my job, the new stuff is a lot more appealing and I'm quite sure it will fit well into me.

I've been reading some stuff and having some conversations regarding virtual worlds lately. This is a topic that I've allways, since a kid, found interesting, and I'm eagering to get some time to regulary do some work on the field. But, until then, there are still some things I would like to concentrate about: maintain Selva (I have some stuff to do there, somewhat urgent), maintain Portugal Virtual (the machine is going to be replaced and I have to prepare the migration ASAP), do some work on PyTalker (a new version, v0.2.0, is on the works and I want to release it probably today, but I have to do some tweaking on its website first), on Mamnuts (I want to finish that friggin' thing as soon as possible to stop worry about it), on Second Life (lots to be done to the current open source client, so I can then fork it for my own purposes) and on gnunet-chat (I really wanted to keep updated to its development and architecture decisions, trying to avoid a later fork).

So, as you see, I think I have some excuses for the lack of updates here!

Now, for your sake, here's a new batch of interesting links: