Gimme a license!

Dear LazyWeb:

Since I wrote this post last year, that it crossed my mind several times that I should license the contents of this blog, but with some recent discussion on a mailing list I decided: it's time. The problem is that I'm not really confortable with any license I know of. I wanted something like Public Domain, but that license has a severe problem (the one that made me decide not license more music under Public Domain): PD terms change from place to place: while I'm confortable with PD in Portugal, I'm not with USA's or UK's terms, and I simply find disgusting how PD is in Canada. The obvious choice would be something like Creative Commons licenses, as a matter of fact I like Attribution 2.5 Portugal. The problem is that all CC licenses tell that "For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work", which can cause some unnecessary trouble for those reusing my data.

So, dear LazyWeb, do you know of any license that solve my problem?

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  1. Of course, nowadays we have CC0 that solves this question.