I've been thinking on writting this for a couple of hours ago, but it was "Are You Gone?", the song from Cranes that I'm listening now that made be start to write it. For various reasons I wanted to write something like this, but this music adds something else. I've heard Cranes for the first time with Catarina, a very good friend of mine (about whom I've already wrote about in this blog) that is no longer with us.

Are You Gone? I have countless memories of you, lot's of thoughts that make me laugh while a tear runs on my face. Thoughts, but like the pictures that I no longer have, memories can't be touched, can't be teached. I'm undoubtly a product of you, you made me be what I am. And those are the parts of me that I like.

But a person is more than his thoughs and oppinions: he is every cigar he smokes, every coffee he takes, every book he reads, every song he listens to. I'm on vacations - 7 non-work weeks in a row, and I've decided to give you - to the world, to everyone, a small log of what I've been doing on those days. Even just for the fun of it, you can read it and learn something more about myself, about the person behind this posts. You can also ignore, go to the next post, and imagine I never wrote this. There's no loss, only potential gain.

Day 0 (24)

Well, today I still worked, but since I went off the office I felt like vacations, so it's day 0 for me. Not that I'm very excited with this vacations, I have a lot to do. Went dinner with a couple of friends in Avenida, near a theatre where they went to see one movie from "Indie Lisboa", an independent movies festival. Came by subway till home and started packing. I'm changing (probably the lack of excitement comes from this) since I have this room only rented until the end of the month, and I'm looking to find an appartment to buy, so, in between, I'll crash here and there (hopefully one place will suffice) and I'm starting with my sisters' house. So, and since I wanted to go to Coimbra still tomorrow, I started packing. Three hours later I've packed something like 10%, the easy 10. I can't even think about how am I going to pack my music collection (this makes me think that buying hundreds of CD's and even some Vinyl discs have downsides too), books and clothes... I feel I'm basicly fucked up. Well, it's late and I've stopped to write for more time than I should - let's go back to packaging stuff.

Something like two hours later... I have something like half the room packed up, made a pile of closed boxes that is bigger than myself. I'm tired, really tired. Need to go to the street twice to dispose garbage, take a long bath and sleep.

Day 1 (25)

My head hurts. Got to start doing something useful, it's half past noon. I'm basicly fucked up - had a discussion by phone amd the deal I had to buy an houseappartement is no more. It's a feeling of loss, not only it was going to be a good deal but I lost something like two months because of that appartement. Oh well, I'll have to buy the one in the next building... But first, let me start with this moving to my sis' thing.

12:17 - time to turn off the computer and stop listening to music. I hate packing.

And so it went, I've packed and packed and moved the first boxes before lunch, then packed and packed until I could finaly leave the old house. No goodbyes, no sorrow, and I'll not miss any of it. The keys are given, I'm now officialy crashing at my sisters'. The worse of it was that, in between, hell started and only ended when I knew that the deal I had to buy a house is no more. There's a backup plan, of course, and I'll soon start trying to buy another house I had already envisioned. I did the path from my sister's appartment to my workplace (a new one, too) and back to know how much will it take (40 minutes), since I'm planning to do it by walk everyday, much like I used to while in the previous workplace. Two apples after, I was heading to Coimbra, where I had dinner. At night I went to cha0s' home and stayed there to brainstorm a bit on some of his and our projects. That allways feels good, too bad we don't manage to do this more often, if we did we would certaintly feel more fulfilled in our achievements... But, well, it's now 02:22 and it's time to play around a bit with the computer and then go to sleep. While walking home I was, as usually, reading my Planet (via cellphone) and read about a new service called "OurStage". I wanted to try it, but I'm having completely no luck in trying to connect to the internet via GPRS. Tomorrow's going to be another day...

Day 2 (26)

Woke up already tired, and went to DEEC where I spend the day with Paula: where I was casually surfing the web and doing almost nothing more than that while she was working. The casual interlude was at lunch time when we went to lunch in the FCTUC facilities in Polo II. It went quite well, too bad she's slightly sick, hopefully nothing big. I went to dinner with my sister and ended renting here appartment for the time being, until I get my own home. Now I came to Tropical and decided to write this until NomadWolf and subv3rsion don't come - I agreed to met them here to talk for a while. I'm tired, so I guess I'll be sleeping soon.

Day 3 (27)

Spent the day with Paula.

Day 4 (28)

Slept only two hours, and then went to DEI to attend to takeoff (see the "coverage" I did on the event). After it, I went dinner with Paula and some of her friends. Now I came back home and I'm going to try to sleep.

Rest of days...

I had quit to write this and decided not to publish it. Then I had some second thoughts. Anyway, the rest of the days were spent with less-than-the-needed sleep, valuable time with Paula and also with cha0s with whom I've planned some stuff to be done in the upcoming months. I also spent some time with other people I didn't see for a long time, like Spellbound. Then I came back to Lisbon, but I still have a lot to unpack and to do here until I can call this "home". Went to work, and after it I spent the time looking for an appartement on sale, which was an huge waste of time, and that made me arrive at my sis' almost at 1a.m.. Now now, I have stuff to do and than sleep.

How useless is this post? Hmm, maybe I should start rethinking my blogging habbits...