My Take on 9/11

Several years after the tragic attack to the World Trade Centre, today news sources and blogs are recalling what happened that day and the impacts it had to their life's.

I wrote in the past [1] my thoughts on what happened that day, basicly citing Ani DiFranco. But the most important thing for me is what purposes did this served. Even today, day by day, "terrorism" serves as an excuse to limit people's rights, violate their privacy, using fear as a weapon to achieve control. Dystopias and our world never were so close. And if you think that it has already stopped, think twice: six years later we're still using WTC as an excuse to create a control state [2] or to limit access to information and knowledge [3].

So, if you really want my opinion, the terrorist act here is that being practiced everyday and in the daylight - that of using fear to control you and limit your rights. I understand the sadness that 9/11 caused - I was pretty shocked myself. But we shouldn't just cry over it, we should fight to stop that terrorist act, because it didn't end that day - 9/11 was just the excuse, the terrorism is being done every day. Think about it.

[1] - http://tinyurl.com/2d2vsz
[2] - http://tinyurl.com/yrnkxn
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