Second Life in Debian

What you want to know is here now. In the future, hopefully, there will be official debian packages for snowglobe2.


  1. Thanks Noori!,

    Your welcome to come and help with those packages if you want too.

    I meant to send you an mail a long time ago about this ;-)


  2. This is supposed to be for Debian Etch?
    How come it had dependencies from Lenny?
    (ex: libllmozlib2. Depends on xulrunner, which depends on libc6, version 2.7-1 or higher. libc6, versions 2.7-1 and higher only exist for lenny)

  3. Yes, this is being made to run in Lenny, not etch...

  4. Up until recently it was for etch, but with Lenny just around the corner and the fact that there are some difficulties building the viewer with a pure etch system (well not that bad actually) but what kills it is that if i build on etch i can't distribute for lenny without some nasty dependencies i would have to forward port. Etch also has a version of mesa-gl that is horrible and is best avoided and was the cause of many issues.

    Unless you are running a server the time to switch to lenny is now really, for desktop stuff anyway. For mission critical servers you may want to wait a while anyway. Lenny is frozen and only accepting RC grade bug fixes.

    If you really need to get it running in etch its pretty trival to build the package yourself on a debian system anyway, with only a few commands needed. Just watch for the version of cmake (if you are building the RC's) as etch's may be troublesum. If you need to do build yourself then just ask (directly if you like) and i can help there.

  5. Yeah, but if you decide to build it against etch, I recommend you to use, at least, lenny's mesa-gl: it works pretty awful (in my case turning it useless) with etch's version.