Winter of Dissonance

For those who didn't relaise yet, simmilarly to last year, this year I took a big vacations period in this time of year, which justifies the lack of blog posts lately. I like to take this period, so I can use it also to celebrate my birthday, winter and a new year.

So, sorry for the lack of posts here, but if you want to get some freebie to help you enjoy these Winter days, then let me give you a link to Winter Of Dissonance, a 2 CD's free compilation (in mp3 format) that was released this Winter's Solistice and that gives you two CD's full of dark ambient tracks, one of them an exclusive track from my musical project Merankorii. By the way, remember that if you like Merankorii's track, you can download a lot of others at http://www.reverbnation.com/merankorii.

Have a nice Winter!

(PS - Link fixed)