Best 2007 albums

Here's my list of "best 2007 albums", meaning "albums released in 2007 I got and definitively recommend you to do the same". This doesn't mean that these are the only 2007 albums I got and would buy again... But hey, even this way I feel the list is a little longer than usual...

Merankorii - Melencolia III
Dismal - Miele Dal Salice (CD Limited deluxe edition)
Antimatter - Leaving Eden
Bardic Wisdom / Merankorii - Prose of the Ancient Times / Sanguine
V/A - Falésia
Tenhi - Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006
V/A - Fairy World 3
Moorlandt - Waiting Again
The Allstars Project - Your Reward... A Bullet
Ambience - As Dez Esperas
V/A - Livre Trânsito #2 - Sons de Outubro'07
V/A - Winter of Dissonance
Corde Oblique - Volontà d'Arte