Your music consumption

Please, satisfy my curiosity and answer to this poll: how many physical music albums did you buy in 2007? Thanks!


  1. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Comprei um que não consegui comprar na amazon em mp3. O mais provavel é não comprar nenhum em suporte fisico.

  2. Nuno: I guess there's going to be one or another album that you'll still won't be able to get in digital format...

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I usually buy a lot of music CDs, at least a couple a month, sometimes more.

    I usually do it at the bargain bins at supermarkets and music stores. Since I don't care how old an album is, sometimes there's a lot of good music to be had for cheap.

    Right now I'm listening to "Tool - 10000 days" I got for 4 euro, special case with the lens and all.

  4. Undoubtly, if you don't mind digging though a lot of crap, there are lots of bargains in those kind of places. I sometimes do it, and also doing the same in places selling used records: you sometimes get rarities really cheap!