More news about Metaplace... tomorrow

Metaplace [1] is basicly a platform to easily create a Virtual World. The aim is to make it easy for anyone to create a simple Virtual World (like, for instance, create just a virtual room and put it in your MySpace profile), but also an extensible framework that lets you make real complex stuff. Theoreticly - at least - it is flexible enough to make exactly the kind of VW you want, putting the limits just in your imagination. An alpha is running for a while for a few selected people that had to sign an NDA - so we don't really know much about it. In less than a week, 10,000 people applied to that alpha (including me), but only a selected few had access to it. Now, some questions are arising, including:
  • When can we expect Metaplace to reach beta phase?
  • How soon do Areae expect that a new round of Alpha testers will be let in?
  • When will the NDA be lifted allowing the alpha testers to tell us all the good things they know?

These, and more, are going to be answered in a "Developer Chat" tomorrow at 5:00pm PST (9:00am GMT), in... a Metaplace :-) I'll try to be there [2], and you?

[1] - http://mindboosternoori.blogspot.com/search/label/Metaplace
[2] - http://www.metaplace.com/

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  1. Erm, as you might have noticed, I'm stupid and made the wrong time conversion. 5:00pm PST is 1:00 GMT of tomorrow (friday) :-P