Virtual Worlds: Pass, Present and Future

So, last saturday I talked in a conference about "Virtual Worlds: Pass, Present and Future", and, as promissed, I've now published the presentation online (in Portuguese): http://noori.abismo.org/VW.pdf. Soon enough the organization will publish a video from each presentation, and I'll let you know as soon as it is available.

Curiously, while travelling on train, returning to Lisbon, I decided to read some of those papers we usually download to read later but never find the time to do so. The choice couldn't be better: www.mud.co.uk/richard/makplac.pdf is a Richard Bartle paper called "Making Places", which argues that building Virtual Worlds is like making places, and justifies it historicly, from text-based virtual worlds to 3D worlds of nowadays (somewhat like I intended to do, but he's good doing it ;-)). The only thing that I don't agree with him is exactly in the conclusion: while I totally agree with him that the conceptual differences between text-based virtual worlds and 3D VW's is the existence of sprites and instances (that appeared to solve some representation issues, well described in his paper), Bartle thinks that this new concepts (sprites and instances) should be explored in which ways can they be explored. My oppinion is different: we should focus in researching ways to avoid the need of stuff like instance'ing. Would you imagine Second Life with instances? Surely not, because it wouldn't feel right. There's something there to fix, not to exploit.