100.000 tracks played on Last.fm

Remember 2008, when I did a blog post called "50.000 tracks played on Last.fm"? That's right, the counter just doubled, and I now have 100.000 tracks scrobbled there (the image on your side is a screenshot, click to enlarge).

Besides the screenshot, and taking into account what I've written about in the "50.000 tracks" post, I decided to turn this event into another blog post with a little analysis of the data on it. This isn't really a blog post about "music I like" or "what you should listen to", but I also recently wrote a blog post about my "top 10 albums of 2011" on Noori Records' website, so you might what to also read that one.

First of all, the disclaimer I wrote in 2008: "Last.fm doesn't really represent what I listen: lot of the time when I'm at work I listen to what Last.fm plays to me (which limits the choice), and when I'm at home, I'm usually listening to things that will not end scrobbled: CDs, Vinyls or Cassettes. Still, this is probably the biggest (public) data available of what kind of music I dig, and it's pretty cool that I've reached 50K: now you can give some credit to what those numbers show."

A couple of updates to that text, tho:

  • I had "ins" and "outs" in scrobbling this last few years. After Last.fm stopped being free, I only scrobbled what I've listened on my own laptop's music player, at first. That of course excluded the tons of other music streaming sources I've found, including online services, mainly archive.org. There were some periods in those scrobbles that were different: at some point I was a daily user of T61 (until they threw away their great service to replace with the good-looking yet uninteresting one they have now), and they had once a way to synchronize T61 with Last.fm, so I "went back scrobbling" at that time. Other periods like that happened, and lately I've been using Google Music as my "cloud music player", both at work and on my smartphone, and I've been scrobbling again since then, using a nice Firefox extension to scrobble Google Music plays to Last.fm. Oh, speaking of smartphone, since I changed from a Blackberry to an Android phone, I've also been scrobbling whatever I listen on my smartphone. Which isn't much, really, I stopped being a "portable music" kind of guy for years now...
  • This is not, probably, the "biggest (public) data available of what kind of music I dig", I started working on having my personal collection of music public on Discogs, and while the collection isn't all there (yet?), I bet that's a better source of information about what music I have and how I rate the release...
Well, apart from that... What do the numbers and statistics actually say?
  • Unsurprisingly, Merankorii is still my mostly played band. But there's no surprise there, is it? I mean, as I said in 2008: "What can I say? I am a fan of my own work, or else I wouldn't bother doing it...". It won't come as a surprise, then, that Kokori is at 4th (another band I created in the meantime), +ko+ko+ is in the 5th position (a musical project with two full-length albums released... on my label, and the last one mastered by me), Ambiansu is at 8th (this was a side-project of mine, that released one album and one other track for a compilation), and will even probably justify why RedSK is on the 12th: my label released a split CD between Merankorii and RedSK... and I spent a good number of months listening to RedSK while building Merankorii's side, and spinning the CD after it was finished.
  • Tenhi and Empyrium swapped with DVAR and Marilyn Manson which is surely no surprise for me. While I still love both Tenhi and Empyrium, I managed to get my hands on much of DVAR's discography, and, well... DVAR are GODS. Of course, their short tracks providing 20 or 30 tracks on a small album helps, but that's honestly not the reason: I have "DVAR urges" regularly, and each time I have one of those I spend three or four days in a row listen to little more than DVAR... As for Marilyn Manson, it is not that I really started to feel the need to listen more of it, but when I started using Google Music I uploaded a small part of my extensive Marilyn Manson collection to Google Music, and now I have 746 different Marilyn Manson tracks on Google Music (from 4208 tracks there), and since many times when I'm listening to Google Music at work is a simple random "shuffle", it keeps playing Marilyn Manson tracks...
  • The only other new entry on the top artists list is Caprice. I referred them in 2008, but at that time I only had two of their albums and I had just knew them. Now I have a lot more CDs from them, and the "Kiwitt! Kiwitt!" (their best, IMHO) had quite a few spins on my computer. I haven't listened much of them lately, tho, but they're working on a new album nowadays, so - who knows? - maybe you'll still see them on my "200.000 tracks" post in eight years ;-)
If you're curious and want to check out one of this bands or my Last.fm profile, here's the link.