Choosing a cellphone (Part II)

Following the previous article:

* Motorola E1000

For this phone, I wrote: "Now, E1000 is a phone that I already know, and when I got my C650 I said "my next phone will be an E1000". Well, I didn't knew that it would be this soon, and the price of E1000 may be too expensive for me to choose it." But I started to hear (and then Google confirmed) that this cellphone has lot's of battery problems, so I'll probably skip this one and check some of those others more expensive ones...

* Motorola V620
* Motorola V400p
* Motorola V3 Black

This three cellphones don't have an mp3 player. Goodbye.

* Motorola E1

Now, when I heard that this cellphone was going to exist I was thrilled. When it started to be selled on Portugal I war more thrilled. Most reviews on it are bad, but they all fail to realise that this is a cellphone. The reviews tend to compare the mp3 funcionality of E1 (ROKR) with an iPod. And, of course, this is NOT an iPod and isn't as good as an iPod to play mp3. On the other hand, it has the best mp3 player I've seen in a cellphone that isn't a smartphone, and it is a good cellphone in the other aspects. So. what's it's problem? It's expensive.

The decision is not made yet, so "Choosing a cellphone" saga may have a Part III.

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