Ning, Planet Noori, Pod::WSDL, WeBreakStuff, Basecamp, goPlan

So, I guess for the first time ever, I'm going to do a blogpost talking about a log of stuff at the same time.

Ning and Planet Noori

As I had promissed, I've tried Ning again. The first time I did it was when they went beta.
second when they were finally open, but in none of those times they've convinced me. After the latest upgrade, I decided to give it a shot again. So, for testing purposes, I decided to do a simpl
e private application for me and some friends to use, and... I didn't quit, the app is done and we're actually using it! So, I decided to fiddle some more, and ended doing the third version of Planet Noori now better than ever and Web 2.0. Finally, this great idea is usable, which doesn't really mean that Ning is good (as a matter of fact it has
some really annoying stuff), but it is good enough, and since they're the only ones doing this, they're getting a great user base. For them, I just have to say that they have here the great oppor
tunity - just keep getting better before alternatives appear and you're good.


After swapping some e-mails with Tarek Ahmed, he kindly purposed me to be the maintainer of Pod::WSDL. I rejected his offer, but I'll be a m
ain contributor for it from now on, and I'm the one who's going to do the 0.4 version. That will probably be a bug-fixes only release, including fixing this bugs.

WeBreakStuff, Basecamp and goPlan

Finaly, WeBreakStuff redesigned their website, which is now using Radiant (which I've talked about previously). In their new site we can see that they're organizing Barcamp Portugal for this summer, and since I'm on vacations at that time I'll probably attend it. Finaly, they are going to open private beta for goPlan, you just have to add a comment there and say you're interested to test it... I've already test the thing, as I told previously, and I'm really looking forward to get into the private beta, as I'm going to surely be a user of it after it is

And that's the news for now...