Anti-DRM stickers

I told you: we have to fight against DRM. I've already started, as you can see in the pictures: marking products that have DRM with stickers saying "WARNING DRM: Product restricts usage or invades privacy" and trying to alert those who may be more open to know about the dangers of DRM by posting stickers saying stuff like "PROTECT FREEDOM #1: ELIMINATE DRM" in places like music stores, techology centers and so on.

What about you? There's a lot you can do, but let me help you... If you're in the Portuguese cities of Lisbon or Coimbra and if you want a bunch of anti-DRM stickers, please let me know, and I'll try to meet you in person to give you some. If you want to coordinate combined efforts in sensibilizing people about the dangers on DRM, feel also free to contact me. Have some ideas about what I could do to fight against DRM? Please tell me.

Let's fight for a future with freedom, let's stop the corporations atempt of destroying art!