The Anti-DRM saga continues

DRM-Action-PT-3So, this has been a really long weekend: having finally a new laptop, I spend some time setting it up just the way I like it, copying some backup'ed stuff to it...

Which made me stumble upon my big collection of Jello Biafra's speeches and I heard some hours of those - it's one of those things you cannot get tired of, since he tells you the truth - in your face.

But my weekend couldn't be just it: after all tomorrow is the big day against DRM, and I had all those stickers to help spread the word. Of course, as you might have predicted, things got a little messy. Seems that stores that sell defective products don't really like to have people pointing that fact to their costumers, so I didn't really had an easy time spreading the word. Still, as you can see in the comming pictures, the action all over the world is starting to get some weight, and some good reactions were already caught.

Today I speaded the word some more: blogging about this on Merankorii's website, on Room 404, a place to talk about art, and in Portuguese to DEInix, the Unix users group where I've got my degree.

Yet, a lot more still has to be done. What are YOU waiting for?

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