As I've told you previously, I'm a beta-tester of goPlan, a collaboration webapp made by WeBreakStuff. I really like this application, already use it for one of my projects, and when I get the time to manage my own stuff I'll start using it for more projects. So, what is goPlan? According to WeBreakStuff's site,
GoPlan is web-based project management and collaboration software. The application's main objective is to enhance communication between members of a project - whatever its scope might be.
But I'll say more: goPlan is a good tool even for those projects you have by yourself.
goPlan screenshot
So, goPlan private beta started, and I have five invites to give out, so, if you want some, just post a comment here and I'll give'em to you. This also means that now I feel there's already no problem in reviewing goPlan. But, while I could do my usual review on this webapp I don't really feel like doing it: mainly because I'm using it already for quite a while now, so the review wouldn't really have that "first impact factor" that reviews usually have, and because people of WeBreakStuff did the fine thing of letting beta-testers (or at least me) to add the goPlan project to their list of projects - which means that every time I find a bug or a flaw on the system I just open a ticket to them and they fix it as they feel like (according to their oppinions/decisions/priorities). Which is really a nice thing - I think that they might be able to create a sense of community there.

Goplan provides features like Notes, Blog, Calendar, Tickets, Tasks, Files, and Chat, and let me enphatize the chat - a really nice to have (specially because you may have hundreds per project) that you never saw in other applications like this up today: it's great to be able to chat with your project mates about your projects without having to add them in your IM rooster and be linked to them in any kind of situation - this is preety cool since you'll probably try to not mix your friend-chats with your work-chats with your projectx-chats...

Startup Sqad's review on goPlan alerts on some of the issues I hope the WeBreakStuff team will address soon: stuff like the lack of fuctionalities on calendar (which I know they're planning to do something about) and the lack of user-friendliness of textile (at least as the only option).

All in all, goPlan still has a lot to evolve, but it inspires confidence - a feeling of trust that tells me that they'll keep improoving it. It might not be the best sollution for all of those scenarios they want it to be - but - at least while I'm not paying for it - it is the nest sollution for some cases - and they promise to make it better and better.