Fedora Core 7 roadmap

While I'm no fan of Fedora, I've read that their roadmap has the following points (among others):
  • Eliminate the distinction between Core and Extras entirely
  • Make LiveCDs as a part of the distribution release process
  • Speedup of bootup and shutdown
  • Make wireless rock-solid
  • Add wireless firmware for all the chipsets they can
  • Speed up Yum and RPM
  • Make the update system useable by all
Well, congratulations! (Seriously, no sarcasm here.) I really hope you can finally reach those issues, that I find of extreme importance. Having a stronger repository-base is extremely important, and merging core and extras is an excelent step. I hope they decide to create a security repository for FC8. LiveCD's are a extremely powerful tool, and it's great to have live CD's or DVD's that can be used as such or as a medium for instalation. I think all distros are or should be aiming for the same thing. As for wireless technologies, this decisions should be... implicit, and focusing on them can bring two benificts: not only it will improove usability and user experience, but it will also have the nice side-effect of "pression" against manufacturers that release stupid drivers and firmware with shitty licenses. Speeding Yum and RPM is really needed (assuming it didn't happaned from FC5 to FC6, since I'm still not using the latter), even if I still think that RPM-based distro's are bad (RPM is way defective compared with other packaging systems like .deb), and that they really should consider moving. Finaly, the last point. I upgraded from FC5 to FC6 in a couple of months in one machine (I blogged about it), and I still don't have the desktop with everything setted up as it was in FC4, which sucks, and is a reason for not upgrading from FC5 to FC6: it's way too time-consuming.

Bad news is that FC7 will be out there at the 27th of April, which means that I should upgrade to FC6 before that date, or loose support.

More info here.