Rarity Shelf

I couldn't be less than happy: and this pictures show you the reason.

Let me just give you a small introduction to why:
  • As I told here, I'm the guy I know of with the biggest Marilyn Manson collection I know. My Mechanical Animals CD, the n'th I've owned, is scratched, and I was sad.
  • The best Mechanical Animals edition I've allways seen was the one you're seeing in the pictures. I've ordered it 6 years ago, with a simple call: "if you get it, new, for less than 50€, I want it". I never got it.
  • Today, I got a package with it inside. This pictures are from MY copy of the vynil.
  • I didn't pay for it, it was offered. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU-KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE ;-)
  • This edition is considered 5/5 in rarity.
  • The only copy I know of it, new, on sale, costs $85,00. Plus Shipping costs.
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  1. Hey! Se quiseres mais uma cópia para fazer de base de tachos, ontem vi 4 na fnac. A 20 euros.

  2. Aposto que não era esta edição...