One more round of links:
  • Lot's of people ask me what's that about me and having music CD's, Vinyl, Cassetes and such in this digital-era. I always told them it was a kind of fetishism.
  • Want to see a great free DVD? On Piracy and the Future of media is a low-budget documentary that manages to give a imparcial view on piracy, as no one else managed to do. As a bonus, the movie download is free.
  • People keep asking me about linux on cellphones, claiming that it's too much hype and no goods at hand. They even use it as excuse for buying cellphones to DRM-lovers like Sony or, now, Apple. So, here's a list of eight great linux phones. Choose yourse.
  • The official program for Moita Lan Party is already out there, next to it's flyer. For those wanting to attend to my presentation about DRM in the Music Industry, there's a free-entry. The event is from 23 to 25, this month, and my presentation is going to be at the 24th, at 16:00.
  • For Portuguese people: TSF's Eureka talked about OSS.
  • After last years' Barcamp and SHiFT, it was too good to stop. So, in 2007 we had Tecnonov, and now, inspired in the previous ones take off. Take off is going to be an event directed for those wanting to create its own startup. There are already two presentations scheduled, and I'm already eagering to listen to one of them.
  • Did you already sign the Brussels Declaration?
  • An "Portuguese Open Source Week" is being scheduled for July. Wanna help?

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