My favourite keywords

I've seen bloggers talking about the most used keywords that end up crashing on their blogs, but today I've seen one that actually asked his fellow bloggers to do the same. Here are mine:

  • 1) debian vs ubuntu; 10) debian+vs+ubuntu - I'm actualy surprised that there are so many people looking for this. I mean, while Ubuntu is based on Debian, they are two quite different distros, and there are lots of Debian users (including me) that would never consider a switch to Ubuntu, and the reverse also happens. I've talked about the issue once, but regarding only packages - one of the reasons I prefer Debian to Ubuntu.
  • 2) uninstall asterisk; 5) how to uninstall asterisk; 6) asterisk uninstall; 19) uninstall+asterisk - Errm... Oops! :-) Seems that Asterisk really has to add a 'make uninstall' into their Makefile in a future release. Well, as a matter of fact Asterisk 1.4 already has it, but 1.2 didn't :-P Of course that you can upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4 to them uninstall it O:-)
  • 3) fedora sucks - Sorry people, but I really don't like Fedora. It has something to do with the fact that it is way less stable than Debian - my distro of choice and the one I'm used to, concealed with the fact that I actually use Fedora - so I rant for a reason. I've blogged about my problems with Fedora several times... I guess I'm not the only one.
  • 4) noori; 9) Mind Booster; 12) mind booster noori - Wow, I guess that this really means that there are some people that are really looking for me. Or not.
  • 7) pytalker ubuntu - WEIRD. There's no relation between PyTalker and Ubuntu. Yet, there were 90 visits that came to my blog by there. Maybe they were looking for "the guy who blogs about both PyTalker and Ubuntu"?
  • 8) createcontext: window creation failure. sdl: couldn't find matching glx visual - This is an error you can get with Second Life in Linux. Which probably means that I should pick up again with the effort of builing debian packages for Second Life, instead of having people coming to my blog looking for help...
What about you? What are the search keywords you get on your blog?

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