On the "new Amazon"

Several days ago (two or three weeks perhaps) everyone was talking about Amazon's new features, so I decided to surf a little bit on Amazon to check it out. Like I was expecting, there's nothing really new on Amazon for the final user - the guy that is really making Amazon a profitable business. Yes, they fixed a couple of things regarding usability and that's good. So here my two hints for what they should fix next:

  • I'm at Amazon's website using a web browser, and I can do almost everything I want that way, so why do I have to give feedback via e-mail? When clicking on "give us feedback" I got no web form where to write but a pop-up asking me if I really wanted to launch my e-mail client. I said 'no' and they got no feedback. Bad for the user and for Amazon.
  • Amazon works great with my browser (SeaMonkey or IceApe), thank you very much. So, why do I get a pop-up message telling me that the website is optimized for IE and Firefox? You would be better not saying nothing.

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