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I've been talking with Nathan Kaiser, CEO of nPost, lately. nPost started a few years ago as a portal on entrepreneurship, with regular interviews and events. They lately changed a little their scope, to be a portal on "entrepreneurship and startups", but what made me write about this is their new feature: a startup jobs board. Just to make clear the distinction, I asked Nathan what would make people search or publish jobs on nPost and not in the recent Krop or the mediatic Crunchboard. His reply tells everything:

We differ in that we only accept jobs from startups. Krop.com and CrunchBoard.com accept any jobs from any company; Mary Kay (cosmetics), IBM, MSFT, etc. These are obviously large successful companies, but it would be a stretch to consider them startups.

I firmly believe that startups require unique individuals to help them grow their business. They need people who are dynamic, flexible, driven, and have a bit of the entrepreneurial zeal.

By focusing on this unique sector, we hope to put those types of individuals in touch with career opportunities that are right for them.

I don't think they'll be extremely successfull with this, but I think that this will turn nPost bigger and better, and I guess that that was all they were aiming for. And they did it right - found a nieche that needed to be explored right.

See the board here and also some reviews.