(Second Life + Google == world domination)?

I pointed out some time ago this article (in Portuguese, sorry) that does some predictions how Second Life (and their creators Linden Labs) will evolve, in a kind of dystopian way. While I don't see things as dark as they are painted there, I think that people should be alerted to this kinds of possibilities. Two days ago, this article appeared, doing a different kind of prevision: it's basicly a press release from Google in May 2012 (5 years from now) telling that they just bought the Internet. Notice that in the first prevision, Google was bought by Linden Labs in 2010. It would be interesting to make a mash-up of these two previsions with a new touch of realism... Do you also envision that the Internet is going to go to such a dystopian prism? Or do you think that we're heading to something different, like the world of GiTS, or instead Avalon, or instead Snow Crash's metaverse? Or even other?