Takeoff - review

So, today was the day of take off, a portuguese event on innovation on IT. Before I go to sleep, here's a small review:

The organization was good, and the event went well. It was awsome to see that many people, some presentations (like the one from Gonçalo Quadros) were so full that there were nowhere to seat, not even on the stairs. Wow. I hope that take off happens again next year, in an wider space.

The morning presentations were about "Palco Principal" (a Portuguese "version" of PureVolume that aims to be much more than that), Francisco Pereira's investigation on geolocalization (with Ejaki and YouTrack) and finaly Pedro Sousa giving us the talk about "how to start up", with references to the Portuguese scenario. His presentations are getting better everytime :-) A good review on those (in Portuguese) can be found here.

In the afternoon there was a terrible presentation from Microsoft (hey, you should learn about not calling your public liars, specially not doing it several times, and specially when your public is computer-powered people with wireless connection and evidences are online). I can't just stress out how this presentation sucked - you should listen to the podcast at the moment it gets available to check for yourself... The presentation was followed by a presentation about Linux, the same that subv3rsion did on Tecnonov. Another prespective of these two presentations can be found here.

That presentation was followed by Critical's Gonçalo Quadros, and I didn't manage to hear it since I was talking with several people outside, but from the comments I've heard, it was preety good. I'll check it out as soon as the mp3's are available.

After another coffee break, the last set of presentations: Fred from WeBreakStuff did his usual talk (that's getting better by the time) and also gave some highlights on how goPlan is commercialy going, and where is WeBreakStuff heading. Then, Pedro Custódio, one of shift creators, gave an awsome presentation about co-creativity: one I wasn't expecting and that found great. Finaly, Armando Alves did a presentation about the new was of doing publicity on the web. The presentation was good (but man, you should stop using that whatever-broken-thingie you used to create the presentation, it was not good, and the embeded videos were not working properly), and I was thinking it was about something different (and more useful for a personal project of mine)... But good, indeed.


Yet, there were some things that I've heard in take off that can't go on un-blogged.

Palco Principal is going to have a "mini-stores system" next week

Palco Principal is also aiming to do something I'm really looking forward: a Portuguese "version" of SellABand!

And this unfortunate quote from WeBreakStuff's Fred:
"Já há muito tempo que não vejo os projectos que as pessoas andam a criar no goplan"

Man, did you ust admited you used to check out what content did people feed in on goplan? Am I the only one that thinks that this is just unbelievable? Have you ever considered that your clients don't want you to spy on their projects? Shame on you. Seriously.