What are you doing?


Hey, what are you doing? I mean, how do you spend your time? Why don't I see you in the usual places? Lately I've been noticing a lot of trends, like places/spaces that usually had people and now are usually empty. What are you doing? What were you doing yesterday at the end of the afternoon? What were you doing this evening, from dinner time until now? I didn't saw you - I used to see. I used to see the people, see the trends, and now only empty chairs and too much silly noise trying to catch your eyes off the screen. Yesterday I was there, seeing those movies in a row (Indie Lisboa, you know?), and I saw some of you people, but with each movie that passed the room got emptier and emptier. I came back tonight, to see how Fran├žois Truffaut adapted the excelent Fahrenheit 451, you know, in that coffee in the middle of a crowded FNAC, but when I thought we would be three we were only two. What are you doing? Did you swap movies for popcorn? Did you all swap movies for popcorn?