AACS probably having a stroke... now

Do you see this report of AnyDVD working with the latest Matrix movies? Well it means that AACS v3, to be released next tuesday, has already been cracked. So, what will they do now? Ban the news about that from the internet, kill those who cracked it and pray that no one else manages to do the same? Or quick-release AACS v4 wednesday? Obviously the only solution for them is to quit using DRM schemes. They're defective by design, and will never work... Of course that thinking that companies like Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Warner, IBM, Toshiba or Sony do quit of something just because they realise it doesn't work isn't exactly realistic, right?

Let's see what will the next episode on this DRM novella be.

Read here more about this.

PS -> AACS are the guys trying to take the string 09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0 out of the Internet.