Spokeo.com has relaunched as Hypeit.com

Here's an e-mail everyone with an account in Spokeo.com recieved:

Dear Spokeo/Hypeit users,

We have refocused our site from a social news reader to a community
centered on sharing interesting stories. Everyday we discover great
articles, photostreams, and videos from ordinary contributers. We
invite you to join our quest to discover more and more amazing content
outside of main media.

We have changed our name to Hypeit.com to reflect this new focus. The
functionality of Spokeo.com has been are retained and improved. Your
data is still closely protected.

If you have imported an account, we now require ownership verification
before May 11th. This will prevent others from improperly hijacking
your profile. All unverified content ownerships will be deassociated
on May 11th.

Thank you for all your support. If you have any questions, feel free
to contact me at harrison@hypeit.com at any time.