DRM. once again

Damn, when did Lusomundo started to cripple their DVD's with DRM? Once again, the story happens: last saturday I bought a DVD, checking for any indication of "copy-protection" or stuff like that. There was nothing telling me than the DVD was defective, with DRM, so I bought it. It does not play in my DVD player. DAMN.

Oh, BTW, if you're thinking of making comments like those on my last post about this, NO, I'm not going to change my DVD player NOR Operating System. My Operating System is fine, thanks, and my DVD player works well, playing every DVD I put there. It's not MY fault that some DVD's are DEFECTIVE.


  1. osiris10:40 AM

    É simples. devolve-o e explica que assim nao voltas a comprar mais dvds deles. E divulga. Pode ser que assim a empresa abra os olhos...

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    How about saying which DVD it was in order:

    1) warn other people, to think twice before buying it
    2) perhaps someone can actually help you in a resolution?

    Complaining in the abstract, just naming the producer, makes this post a mere vent and not helpful in order for you to resolve your problem or other people. Just spreads 'fear' that the DVDs of Lusomundo are ALL crippled.

    And the problems with some DVD titles it's not just the DRM, it's also the software in which they are made.
    Some of it is not compatible with all the DVD Players. Yes, there are DVD specs, but DVD software makers always manage to spin something new.. like what happens with standards support in browsers.

  3. Anonymous11:48 AM


    Does DVDFAB Decrypt (http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm) remove the problem software so you can permanently store an ISO image to play on your favourite OS whatever it may be in the future?

  4. Osiris: Yes, I'm planning to go there in the weekend an return the cripled DVD...

    Anonymous 1: I'm warning people not to buy Lusomundo's DVD's, since you can't know if they have DRM or not before it is too late. There are no "resolutions" for DRM: just trying to circunvent it is illegal in Portugal. Complaining in the abstract, just naming the producer, suits well if the message is "I'll never buy any Lusomundo DVD and I encourage you to do the same". The idea is REALLY to give the idea that all Lusomundo MAY BE ALL crippled, and you don't have any way to know before it is too late. I have no fault for the mistakes that some companies make, choosing defective software or breaking standards. If Lusomundo thinks that's the propper way to treat the consumers of their products, then I don't want to be one of them.

    Anonymous 2: Trying to circunvent DRM is illegal in Portugal, and I don't want to do something illegal to see an legally-purchased DVD. If it does not work I just want my money back.

  5. Anonymous12:16 PM


    I'm Nuno, Anonymous #2. how is circumventing DRM illegal in Portugal?


  6. Lei 50/2004 de 24 de Agosto - Artigo 218.º:

    Tutela penal

    1 — Quem, não estando autorizado, neutralizar qualquer medida eficaz de carácter tecnológico, sabendo isso ou tendo motivos razoáveis para o saber, é punido com pena de prisão até 1 ano ou com pena de multa até 100 dias.

    2 — A tentativa é punível com multa até 25 dias.

    The Portuguese Law here

  7. Anonymous6:28 PM

    interessantíssimo. obrigado pelo alerta e pelo link.