SLTalker website

I finally decided to create a quick site for SLTalker, so fell free to check it out. For those not knowing SLTalker is a project of mine that aims to create a talker-like interface for Second Life. The development itself is going quite well actually, if you take into consideration that I've been wildly busy, with the new home and all. Until now only two persons saw it in action, and there's quite a few things to do until I can think into turning the whole thing (2.2M gzip'ed code ATM, but most is junk) into a talker. Before that you might read a rand on how much I have C#.


  1. I can barely wait to see a public release of this app.

  2. Wow, I'm glad to know about one more person interested in this: unfortunately I think that most people doesn't get the potential of what you can do with such a concept (as a matter of fact, I think I'm only starting to grasp a little of it). As one said, "finally I'll be able to be allways on Second Life, even via my cellphone", but that's only one of the things this will let you do.

    BTW, I liked you post about Second Life :-)