More Portugal on Second Life

After the Portuguese Mediation Center in Second Life, now it is going to be "Banco Espírito Santo" (known as BES), a Portuguese bank, to create its presence on Second Life. Today, 19:00 Portuguese time, the inauguration party starts on a virtual representation of Cascais' Marina.

Read the full news here.


  1. I went with a friend of mine there today before I came to work. you could hear the echo.

    she wore her snipper riffle and I wore my samurai sword and weren't banned (I was kind'a wishing we were! it's a bank!) so if there were security cameras, that's us doing the pulp fiction dance scene on the bank's balcony.

  2. Hehehe, I went to the inauguration, as a final test for SLTalker O:-) It was great, I felt that SLTalker can really be usefull. Also, I used that as an excuse to fix two bugs, but unfortunately I found one more :-P I don't really think they have cams there, but I almost wish they had, seems to me that it was a preety funny moment... Next time do some machinima and upload the result over YouTube ;-)

  3. Anonymous3:35 PM

    As SL'ang Life Magazine, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the special event, a presentation of Portuguese Second Life Community. Our aim is to present the most interesting activities of Portuguese Residents and join the celebrations of the Portuguese Communities Day (June 10th). SL'ang Life magazine strives to actively participate in promoting initiatives leading to the creation of a community in SL. Thus, we offer space on our island and on pages of our magazine to present local activities to new public. A transcript of all presentations will be available at SL'ang Life magazine’s website, and a report from the meetings will be printed in our magazine. Such events are a chance to start a cooperation and to learn about similar projects from all over the world.
    We would like to thank Ibrahim Bates, member of Portuguese Community, writer, our reader and most of all our friend, without whom this event would not be possible
    Please, join us as we welcome Portuguese Community to SL'ang Life.

    Kind regards,
    SL'ang Life Team

    Portuguese Community presentation schedule:

    Day 1 (June 5th)
    ~ exhibitions openings ~
    Day 2 (June 6th)
    ~ Welcome party ~
    Day 3 (June 7th)
    ~ Portuguese university researchers in SL ~
    Day 4 (June 8th)
    ~ Portuguese creators presentations ~
    Day 5 (June 9th)
    ~ Portuguese sims presentation ~
    Day 6 (June 10th)
    ~ Portuguese Community Day ~

    During the whole event you are welcome to vist the info kiosk area in the southwest part of the island, displaying Portuguese Residentsts' activities.

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