HiPiHi aiming to establish standards for 3D

HiPiHi a Second Life-like Chinese virtual world (only running on Windows, I'm afraid), announced yesterday that
"First, HiPiHi will cooperate with global leaders in the Internet and communication industry to establish a set of relevant hardware and software standards for the development of the 3D platform. Second, HiPiHi will cooperate with other major 3D virtual worlds to finalize these standards, and bring the possibility for users to interact and transact between different virtual worlds. Lastly, HiPiHi will actively build its “Global Market Partnership Project”, “Third Party Developer Project” and “Community Partnership Project”, to establish a HiPiHi virtual world global value chain. "
(according to Virtual World News)

Metaversed has a small review on the announcement, exited with the effort, but saying that this is something difficult to achieve, special when you enter into the field of who patented what (is still there any doubt that software patents suck?).

HiPiHi guys will be, with lots of others in the sector, at the upcoming Virtual Worlds 2007, and I'm sorry now more than ever that I can't attend to it... It will be a great discussion, undoubtly.

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