Metal Heart - A magazine to avoid at all costs

Everyone in the Portuguese Metal scene knows how bad Metal Heart is - the magazine's birth was already surrounded by plagiarism accusations of all sorts, and one of the most important Portuguese underground blogs, Metal Incandescente, died in the proccess. The magazine is full of announcements to concerts that were already over when the publication hits the streets, it's layout and color quality makes me shine of pride with the quality of my old 'zines printed in a cheap and old inkjet printer. But, this weekend, they made me feel, again, pissed off. I should know better - I was randomly looking to magazines, and seeing Metal Heart I should either ignore it or spit on it. Instead, I opened it. My blood started boiling with rage since the beginning, but what made me real sick was their "review" on Empyrium's "A retrospective...". For those that do not know, Empyrium is a cult band from a cult label (Prophecy). They're now gone, but each album released by them is considered a masterpiece. For a burst of joy from Empyrium's fans, Prophecy decided to release "A retrospective...", a book-CD or a box with six book-CD's, including all the released and unreleased music by Empyrium, remastered, and each CD with a book explaining all the concept and history of the band. Well, a colector's and fans' relique. I talked about it before:
Many fans will be particularly interested in the in-depth band biography contained in the sixty-pages booklet of “A Retrospective ...”. This text takes a closer look at the history of the band and all its influences music- and content-wise.

In tandem with the regular release of "A Retrospective...", there there's a six-CD box encompassing the complete works of Empyrium, including the demo "...der wie ein Blitz vom Himmel fiel..." and "A Retrospective...", in an elegant and identical Digibook design, strictly limited to 500 copies.

Mine is on the picture... Where's yourse?

But if you think that my oppinion is dubious, here is the oppinion of the first Google search results:
On Lords of Metal:
This is a unique document of a devoted and accomplished musician of major importance in the art we use to call music, because of his compositions, his studio (in the Klangschmiede Studio E lots of bands record their albums) and especially his drive. The celebration of ten years of Prophecy Productions could not be honoured in a better way than with this release, a retrospective of the first ever signed band. Superb!

The CD will be released as a lavishly designed, gold-embossed digibook. Many fans will be particularly interested in the in-depth band biography contained in the sixty-pages booklet. This text takes a closer look at the history of the band and all its influences music and content-wise, and it will make transparent the whole artistic aspect of EMPYRIUM and its changes in the course of years. Thus, it will contribute to a substantially deeper understanding of EMPYRIUM.

Heathen Harvest:
So it is with that said, that I thank Prophecy from the bottom of my heart for putting the money into releasing this collection of their remastered works. It's something this old fan desperately needed for inspiration, not only musically, but in my life in general. Thank you for the two new tracks as well. I hope that you continue to amaze me with these quality releases, friends. I can only hope one day we may say a vinyl boxset for Empyrium's past releases *hint hint*. Alright, on with the show.

So, after this arguments, I bet you'll agree that this was a welcome'd release. Well, while "reviewing" it, Metal Heart not only decided that this release didn't deserve scoring, but also started their crappy piece saying something like "We didn't hope to see Prophecy doing such a commercial release" Hello? We, fans, are very much happy by the fact that such a release is out there: You can in fact ditch all the stuff you have from Empyrium, grab this 60€ box, and you'll surely be at least twice rich Empyrium-wise. Failing to understand the importance of such a release, not only to Empyrium fans but to the entire neofolk scene, is proof that you don't deserve to have a magazine. Please stop.


  1. Já tiveste o "prazer" de conhecer o "director" da revista ? Eu já, e digamos que...não foi uma experiência agradável. Além do mais, conheço alguém que o conhece há muitos anos e contou-me com cada coisa...enfim.

    Tenho um amigo meu que faz fotografia para a revista (e foi assim que conheci o tal director), e também já tinha ouvido essas histórias de plágio. Quando lhe falei disso, ele disse-me que "ah isso não é exactamente assim". Parece que lá o director andou a espalhar uma historia qualquer muito mal contada pelos associados.

    É claro que não vou deixar de ser amigo dele por ele fazer fotografia para essa revista (cada um lá tem as suas opções profissionais), mas também nunca a comprei nem nunca a vou comprar.

    E da única vez que a li...argh !

  2. Sim, parece que a nossa opinião da revista bate certo. A questão é que depois de ter visto aquela parte daquela revista... Tinha mesmo que mandar vir :-P