Still the OpenCoffee Lisbon

After my post about OpenCoffee, Celso and Ricardo posted some thoughts. I understand and agree with lots of Celso's points, but I don't think you can compare OCL to MCV because the number of potentially interested people in OCL is way less. And Ricardo, maybe "procrastination" was a bad word, but I wasn't using it as a rude critic. I've seen two attempts at an OCL #2, but it didn't passed (at least publicly) from a "ping"... I'm not saying that as "they should go for it anyway", just stating that it seemed that there was an "oh, well..." attitude there.

I don't really agree with some stuff said by both, and maybe I'll write about that sometime. What's important here for me is that there's an attempt to make it work, even if not in the "OpenCoffee" format, and that's good. I'll wait and see (and hey, I'm here if you need any help), and I like the way this has been talked about, because it feels like you're open for improovements. So let's see what comes out, and then see if it worked.

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