What to expect from SLTalker

Some people started to ask me about what should they expect from SLTalker's first public release. Here are some hints:

  • SLTalker will release soon. Soon means that it will have lot's of bugs, and few functionality: both implemented stuff needs to get better and there's a lot left to implement. Soon also means that I want to get this thing done because I'm lacking time in the next couple of weeks, and that I'm going to stop coding so much on it in the next month or so.

  • SLTalker is a talker, but it might not seem like one. This means that if you're willing to try out SLTalker, maybe you should start by knowing your way in a regular talker. If you're Portuguese I recommend Selva, if you're nor I recommend EUTS. You might even end up realizing that talkers are funnier then Second Life O;-)

  • SLTalker is a service, which means that, while I intend to Open Source the client (and I know you're willing to fiddle with it to create your money-making bots, right?), the first "public release" is not going to be a "code release" but a "service release". You'll be able to log on into Second Life by telnet'ing a server somewhere.

  • SLTalker needs some care, you know? There are four urgent things to do with it that I only expect to do after the release:
    • nowadays if you get a teleport request you automagicly accept it

    • If you .tell something to someone who's not online, the message is going to be queued for delivery, but you'll think that the avatar is online and read your message

    • I have some urgent interface changes to make

  • SLTalker is beta, so I take no responsability for what happens to your stuff. I'm going to take off for now all "dangerous commands" to stop you from giving away all your possessions of giving away your money while using SLTalker, but you'll never now

  • SLTalker is not secure, since that you have to trust me your credentials (I'm not logging them, really, but I could...) and for now the only log in interface is going to be via telnet (unencrypted)

  • SLTalker needs you to test and leave your comments. I really hope you'll enjoy it.

  • SLTalker is lacking functionality, and I might talk a little about what will you be able to do with it even before the release, but yet keep in mind that you'll be able to chat with others, but I doubt that you'll manage to have avatars sex with it :-P


  1. hyea hyea hyea, stop teasing and just release the damn thing. :D

    really, I can't wait.

    BTW, you might want to get rid of SLtalkers FAQ last paragraph, since you've done the web page for it.

  2. Hehehe, cool :-) As you can see, something wrong happened, but I'll try to have it online next week.

    As you can also see, the website needs a lot of work, but for now it will suffice (I removed that paragraph).

  3. well... that must have sucked. :-S

    I'm allergic to updates in open source. I think I'm still with Ubuntu 5.10 on my main desktop at home, the only machine that tends to be up to date are the freebsd and the debian box (this last because it's a sandbox. I'm always fussing with it, destroying and rebuilding the OS, the FreeBSD is pretty safe to upgrade, IMO)

  4. As a matter of fact there was nothing wrong with the update: it was a security update from Debian and I'm glad I did it. The problem is that the disk was already messed up and I didn't notice it, so when I rebooted the machine, it refused to mount that hard drive. Well, things are almost back to notmal now...

  5. you are a braver man then I, sir... :)