Quick update

If I had twitter (which I don't count on having, I already have a lots of accounts in lots of places that I don't have the time to use, thank you), these would be the three topics for the last few days:
  • Got "Knox Om Pax" first and only album, "Laudanum". WOW. The reviews seem exagerated, but after listening the album you'll see that the album is better than that. Neoclassical.
  • Tonight I'll see a "Balanescu Quartet" gig. Only seen now, CCB's website tells about the gig as being basicly about their latest album "Maria T", which is awsome since it's their best (for me). I really expect a great concert!
  • Finaly, I just read about a debate about the music industry future that is going to happen next tuesday. I'll try to be there, of course.


  1. Pedro Silva1:37 AM

    Great great info the debate about the music industry future. I'm already there!

  2. Pedro: we'll meet there, then :-)

    BTW, for those here because of the Balanescu part of the entry, I wrote a (really small) review on Last.fm.

  3. I was there too. Great Concert, a great surprise.