Silence isn't "nothing", it causes reactions. John Cage surely knew it when he decided to create his 4'33'' piece. Also in this blog, things are quite quiet, and that is already causing some reactions. Being so quiet here is just a reflection of all the things I've been doing, and those I still want or have to do. I've been quiet here, but busy and sometimes loud in other activities. There's surely a huge number of things I wanted to blog about, and most of them probably won't ever be written. Anyway, blogging is a mean, not the end. Acting sometimes is more important than writing about it. I understand that some of you use this blog as a way to keep in contact with me and my ideas, but I'm not compromised with it: I use it just as much as I feel I should, and sometimes... well, there are more important (or even pleasant) things to do.

Also, silence gives a message. Do you get it?

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