Debian Installer Etch Release Candidate 2 released

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This is already three days old news: Debian etch (4.0) RC2 is out there. To see the release schedule and what has to happen until the final Debian 4.0 comes out to the wild, check this. The nicest thing (for me, it is) of this release is this:

With this release of the installer, Debian also offers some new types of CD/DVD images:
  • a full CD that installs a KDE desktop environment by default
  • a full CD that installs an Xfce desktop environment by default
  • a multi-architecture CD for i386/amd64/powerpc and one for alpha/hppa/ia64 that effectively behave like a netinst CD (the images contain the base system for all three architectures)
  • a multi-architecture DVD for i386/amd64/powerpc which also includes source packages; this makes the image ideal for promotion purposes at trade shows and other events

And now, let's go splash some bugs...

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