A Suspeita

A Suspeita
"A Suspeita", in English "The Suspect" is a very Portuguese animation, made in 2000, directed by José Miguel Ribeiro, and it won the Cartoon d'Or in 2000.

It's a great animation, very well produced, really funny and yet with an interesting plot. It's a stop-motion animation movie, and the DVD has a really interesting documentary on the making of. But while watching the movie you'll soon forget you're seeing an animation, and will simply enjoy it...

Highly recommended. More info on IMDB.


  1. One of my favorite animation movies. Interesting story, supperb execution.

    I few months ago a special DVD was announced but I could never find it.

  2. Well, I was searching for this for years. I saw it in a class and since then I tried to get it. It was in November of 2006 (I was in Turku, Finland) and my best friend send me for my birthday some papers about Fnac, TAGV and others. And in the Fnac Newsletter was announced that José Miguel Ribeiro would be in Fnac of Coimbra to present the "A Suspeita" and "As coisas lá de casa" (this one is for children, but delicious anyway) in DVD, so I asked my friend to buy them for me, since I would arrive in Portugal only in March.

    Maybe you can still find them in some Fnac or ask them to get it for you :-)

  3. In the site of Fnac you will find it in "Infantil" section :-)

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    hi Marcos,

    Good post indeed, and though it looks like you're not blogging anymore, I do hope you see this mail.
    Suspeita is an amazing film and I saw it at a festival, post that I looked for a long time and only recently got to see it again.
    I'm a stopmo animator from India and I would be most grateful to you if you would please help me reach José Miguel Ribeiro. I'm not able to trace his email, so anything will hlep, his postal address/email id or telephone no.
    Thankyou so much.