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From now on, this blog, Merankorii's website and Noori Records' one have a widget telling you to "Leave a Tip". Basicly, you can give whatever you want, from 1 cent to... well, as much as you like :-) All the money I get there will be used to fund both Merankorii (my musical project) and Noori Records (a record label that does things right).

I've talked a lot about new ways of making music 2.0. Lot's of theorists seem to think that "tipping" is the way to be. While I don't agree that that's the sollution, I think that it surely helps (I'll probably get back to this later). Also, studies on this matter tells that people like the fact that they can choose to support the artists. Since both Merankorii and Noori Records gives a lot of music for free anyway, those who don't wish to buy the the physical product itself, now have a way to tell us "thank your for your work", or just help us to keep doing it. Also, there's a great think about being a DIY band and label: all the figures are low. Leaving 2€ in that tip box will probably make to us more than buying 20 CD's of your favourite musician in a retail store.

So, there you go. If you like the work I've been doing in this blog, the way Merankorii gives music for free or want to support this new record label, consider leaving a tip. Thank you.

If you leave a tip here, it will be used to support Merankorii and Noori Records. Thanks!