New home - now home

I told you before that I bought an appartment in Lisbon, and since then I've been quite busy managing my time to handle all the bureocracy regarding having a new residence, including getting it habbitable (water and light are simple, but having to deal with Lisbon's gas company, Lisboagas, is painful... and I'm still not over with them), and go though all the documents regarding the change (like changing the residence in the identity card, or on the voter's card). In both those cases there are some things quite shocking, like the fact that the rules to how to get the new card change from place to place: so a lesson learned was: if you're doing some paperwork and all the sudden you're facing a situation that makes no sense, if you're able to do that paperwork somewhere else then do it: you're probably will face a new set of rules, and possible manage to reach your goal easily. It's also funny to see everyone and everywhere saying stuff like "but you can and should do that online!"... The thing is: from all the stuff I tried to do online, I only managed to do one (changing the fiscal residence, which was a surprisingly painless process). Well, maybe I'm too dumb and don't know how to use the Internet... Finaly, friday at the end of the day I got my mattress, so I didn't wait more and just went to buy all the sheets and stuff like that needed to have my first night of sleep in my new mattress, bed, home. Now, sunday night, I still have loads of things to do before going to sleep and I'm exhausted. But it was a preety cool weekend: finaly I feel at home, and I'm happy with it.